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Communications Auditing

Image by Bruno Kelzer

Communications audits


are a powerful way to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of your communication and marketing strategies, and gain insight into how well they're working (or not). If you're looking for more reliable results from your marketing efforts, this is the place to start.

Stop throwing darts in the dark. 

(Seriously, it's dangerous.)

A communications audit is a second opinion on whether your message is hitting the mark with customers, employees, investors and the public. It's a check-up on how your business talks to the world.


We dig into all the ways your organization speaks – from your website to your social media accounts, advertising, press releases, internal memos and customer service interactions. We’ll assess the quality of your messaging, check consistency and its alignment with your organization’s goals and values.

Our process


identifies communication weaknesses and customer touchpoints throughout your business and provides recommendations for improvement. This will help you better connect with your stakeholders, build stronger relationships and achieve your own success story.

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