Content Creation

The words you use to talk about your company matter. 

Magpie specializes in creative and technical writing and marketing content and strategy that captivates your audience to help your business grow. We write social media content, product spec sheets, company brochures, web site copy, articles and more. Whether you need just one service or the whole package, we work closely with you to make sure the words we write are exactly what you’re looking for.

Speak to the right people

with copy that resonates with your core audience and those most likely to purchase your product.

Drive interactions and conversations

by effectively communicating what you do, and how and why you do it.

Cultivate knowledgeable, loyal customers

by engaging your biggest fans, rewarding your return customers and growing your community.

Our sales, marketing and social media content will help you:

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Bringing your brand's voice to life.

Content creation is a creative process, but also a collaborative one. We'll ask you lots of questions, and we'll listen to your answers. Then we'll get to work.


You won't have to worry about whether the writing is "on brand" because we take the time to understand your business, inside and out. Once we've got a clear picture of your business goals and your target audience, we focus on creating engaging copy that resonates with readers.

Our content writers are experienced marketers and journalists who understand what it takes to craft content that captures attention, compels readers and closes sales.

Don't waste another second stressing over social media posts or scratching your head on how you're going to fit all the stats in that technical brochure. Get in touch today and let's talk about how we can give your business the words it deserves.