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Core Messaging & Brand Identity

Don't have a brand? Think again.  

Your brand exists whether you realize it or not. If you haven't defined your brand, your audience will have done that for you - and it may not be what you're hoping for. 

Your brand 


is the way your business is recognized by people who experience it. It is intangible, which means you can’t actually see or touch it.  It’s also your business's most valuable asset.

Brand identity is the visual representation of your company in your logo, colours or fonts.

Core messaging captures the truths about your business. We create simple, repeatable and memorable text that defines your company and explains what makes you different. This messaging influences how your customers see you and convinces them to buy what you’re selling.

Core messaging and brand identity are powerful ways to control your image. 

Core messaging helps you win in the marketplace.

  • It states your unique value proposition.

  • It levels up your marketing activities.

  • It helps you cultivate deep connections with potential customers.

  • It guides your sales team and strengthens the sales process.

  • It helps you to allocate your marketing budget efficiently.

  • It leads to more consistent internal communications.

Four ways our clients use Core Messaging:

  • As a tool for onboarding employees

  • To support a cohesive sales team 

  • As a foundation for marketing campaigns 

  • To create consistency throughout all customer touchpoints 

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