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Core Messaging

Messaging influences 

how customers see you and convince them to buy what you’re selling. Defining your core attributes gives you and your team a foundation to build on through action, and provides you with the direction and messaging for branded content.

Core messaging


is the right way to make an impression. It sets out the truths about your business, defines what you have to say and explains your why. It’s simple, repeatable and memorable language that captures your essence, defines your business and describes what makes you special.

Core messaging articulates the principles that are at the heart of what you do.

It clarifies 

what you aren’t, preventing misconceptions about your brand for customers and employees. Core messaging lets you establish boundaries around your identity and helps you carve out your special niche. It defines the direction, intent and purpose of your brand for clearer marketing and content development.   

Our clients use core messaging:

As a tool for onboarding employees – to provide a comprehensive overview of the company, which enhances their first experience by empowering them from day one and increasing long term engagement.

To support a cohesive sales team by ensuring everyone understands business priorities and knows how to talk about the products and the company in a unified voice.

As a foundation for marketing campaigns – because you have a better grasp of who your target customer is, how to talk to them, where to talk to them and explain how you are different from your competitors.

To create consistency throughout all customer touchpoints – from the way you answer the phone to the design of your website – no matter who your customers talk to, they receive the same compelling message.

Image by Pieter van Noorden

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