Marketing Strategy

Thoughtful, integrated marketing strategies are our specialty. 

A strong strategy can maximize the return on your marketing investment. We analyze your business from the ground up to develop a tailored marketing plan that will work for your specific business needs.


Whether in the start-up, scale-up or 'it's about time we did some marketing' phase, Magpie can help you reach your unique customer within a budget you're comfortable with. 

Our personalized strategies will help:

Improve brand recognition

We create thoughtful campaigns that help you stand apart from your competition and be memorable.

Bolster your reputation

Cohesive strategies that are integrated across multiple platforms reinforce your message and lend credibility to your brand. 

Drive sales

Magpie can help expose your company, brand and product to the right people at the right time to help translate marketing investment into sales revenue. 

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Integrate your marketing efforts.

Truly effective marketing takes a thoughtful, integrative approach that balances budget, relevant platforms and your business objectives to be successful and see a return on the investment. You need a consistent, well-executed presence to convince customers of your worth, build brand awareness and continuously generate revenue.

Magpie is an agricultural marketing service that works with clients to develop thoughtful, persuasive marketing content and strategy. Through a comprehensive analysis of your organization’s values, goals, strategic plan, audiences, current marketing efforts and brand identity, we create a complete strategy to support your brand and convert marketing dollars to sales revenue.

Working from a well thought out strategy allows you to make deliberate and effective marketing choices and concentrate resources for the best returns.