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We work with great businesses across Canada

We have partnered with some of the best clients in Canadian agriculture and beyond. From non-profits and producer groups to SMEs across all sectors of the food and farming industry, our clients have given us unique perspectives that we can apply to your project.

Supporting our clients:


We like to credit Agriculture in the Classroom with how Magpie got its start. The Magpies first joined forces on snapAG,  a project near and dear to our hearts. To this day we continue to develop the sheets, based on a wide range of agricultural topics, for students and teachers across Canada.


The Rack is an agricultural services retail in western Saskatchewan that focus on superior agronomy and driving agriculture innovation for their farm customers. Their team is focused on bringing innovative and customer-driven service to their farm customers. Which makes for exciting and engaging projects. 


Technical concepts don't only apply to the agriculture industry. Our skills and backgrounds lend us the ability to take on a wide range of clients, including Redl Kitchens, a locally owned, luxury cabinet company. Translating Redl's technical manufacturing processes and passion for exquisite, functional designs helped us create messaging for their customers who truly appreciate superior craftsmanship.


What our clients say

“'Completely focused on the client’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Jean and Kim at The Magpie Group. 

Deb Hauer, Manager, Former AgriLMI Program Manager, Canadian Agriculture Human Resource Council

What our clients say
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