Technical Writing

Connect with your customer on their level. 

We recognize how challenging communicating about a technical concept can be. We can break it down for you into easy to digest pieces of information customers will understand. Magpie has the skills and knowledge to effectively translate science-based information and technical data into language that both industry and non-technical audiences can relate to.  

We will translate your business to help you:

Demonstrate your value to non-technical customers

by describing who you are, what you do and why it matters in easy to understand, relatable language.

Effectively describe a product or service

by translating your science- or technology-based products into simple, understandable descriptions that can be used across all channels. 

Explain your unique processes or innovation

in a way that highlights your value over your competitor to foster understanding and drive sales.

Increase customer understanding and boost sales.

Often science and technology are seen as being difficult to understand. Complex topics don’t naturally flow into easy communications; instead, they can lead to misunderstanding, confusion and frustration on behalf of the reader.


You know your business. You can explain the science inside out and the complex nuances of the technology. However, if you can’t communicate it in a language your audience identifies with, you are limiting your sales and growth potential.  


Our unique perspective includes an understanding of consumer behaviour and appreciation for the technology and science behind every industry. This gives us the ability to translate technical products or services into language that is relatable to your customer while being true to your company's brand, products and values.  

Check out our list of favourite clients for an overview of our industry specialties and creative and technical writing background. Or get in touch and let's talk about your unique project needs.

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