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Our Team

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An extension of your team, a partner you can count on

Founded in 2017, The Magpie Group is a team of creative professionals who share a passion for helping Canadian businesses increase their profitability through better communication. We have extensive and diverse experience in marketing, communications, management and operations.

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Director of Business Strategy,



Jean has a background in agribusiness and communicating with technical audiences. Today she applies that knowledge in problem-solving, creating clarity in messaging and strategic planning to support ag-based enterprises in achieving their goals.

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Kennett, BSHEc MCEd

Communications Director,



Kim worked as a manager in the not-for-profit sector. Her contributions to the Magpie team - and our clients - include extensive communications experience, writing/editing skills, and a well-versed understanding of educational practices. 

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McSymytz, B Comm

Creative Director


Serra brings a diverse portfolio of work in marketing to audiences across the agriculture value chain. Magpie clients can benefit from her creative eye and passion for finding the right way to reach their audience across a range of media.

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Is this you?

Apply today!


We are a family-minded collective of Saskatoon-based communications professionals who want to grow our community. Our positions are contract roles, allowing maximum flexibility for you to pick up as many or as few jobs as you want. We are looking to partner with creative, business-minded professionals who uphold our philosophy. 


We work with a team of trusted professionals in the areas of graphic design, printing, web development, SEO, Google Ads, photography and videography to deliver a complete suite of communications and marketing services.

Ou Story

Our Story

The Magpie group was launched with a vision: to transform the way the agriculture industry communicates.

Agriculture has remarkable stories to tell, from innovation to scientific discoveries to customer service and productivity. And these stories are so important to share. Unfortunately, many communication service providers don’t understand the business and science of agriculture.

The Magpie difference is that AGRICULTURE is in our roots. From being raised in rural Saskatchewan to having worked in ag-related jobs for most of our careers, we know the industry. We understand the science, appreciate the culture and speak the language. So armed with Kim’s storytelling background and Jean’s passion for science messaging, we started Magpie. This sparked our growth as an ag communications company, which now also includes Serra who brings marketing and creative perspectives.

We believe you deserve exceptional communication services from a partner that gets agriculture.

Let us help you share your remarkable story.

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