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Why choose Magpie?

We get to know YOU.

We immerse ourselves in your business to uncover the unique qualities that make it remarkable. Because we take the time to develop a comprehensive understanding of who you are, we can deliver creative, marketing and technical products quickly and efficiently.

From being raised in rural Saskatchewan to having worked in AG for most of our careers, we know the industry. We understand the science, appreciate the culture and speak the language.


The Magpie Group is dedicated to helping agriculture businesses and organizations improve their communications. Our technical knowledge and experience in different sectors of Canadian AG allow us to create targeted content unique to your farm clients and other industry stakeholders.

AGRICULTURE is in our roots.

We're here to help you


We are dedicated to your success and thrive on collaborative and respectful partnerships. To facilitate the results our clients aspire to, we offer personalized service based on delivering quality products tailored to your needs and budget.


To us, it’s more than just a job done. It’s about creating a meaningful and measurable impact on your business.

Our backgrounds in management and human resources give us the perspective to be able to apply communications strategies across the whole organization.


Our multi-faceted skillset and depth of experience will help you navigate today’s complex web of social media and communications channels. This means the right message reaches the right audience at the right time.

We see BEYOND marketing.

We harness the power of WORDS.

The Magpie team crafts language to move people, influence prospects and inspire action. We shape content that is relevant and appealing to your customer. We turn vague concepts into clear and commanding calls-to-action.


The result is messaging that motivates your customers to buy and your team to work together, building stronger relationships and opening the door to objective-driven success.

Our philosophy

Our mission...

…. is to advance the Canadian agriculture industry by supporting businesses and non-profits with powerful communications solutions that help fuel growth, achieve goals and drive profit.

Our vision...

… is to transform the way the agriculture industry  communicates.

Our Values

How we show up to deliver everyday. 

Operate with integrity

To build a reputation as a trusted and honest service provider. 

Prioritize relationships

Our business is built on developing strong, long-lasting partnerships with clients, the industry we work within and each other.

Emphasize growth 

In all things: personally, professionally, for our clients and our business. 

Do good work

We aim for excellence and to provide exceptional value. 

Focus on teamwork

Collaboration is an inherent part of the way we work and think. 

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