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Why Magpie Group?

We're all in on AG. 

Our expert team is fluent in the language of farming and ag science. We understand the nuance, science, and psyche of farmers' decisions and ensure you connect authentically with your farm customers.  

Bid farewell to overspending on generic tactics or DIY marketing; we guide you to invest wisely, avoiding costly campaigns that won't achieve results. As a boutique firm, we offer undivided attention, no layers of account management, and a support team without the payroll headaches or HR management.  

Boutique, Specialized Service

We Get to Know YOU

We establish solid foundations with our clients. Our process starts at the beginning to clarify who you are, why you matter to customers and your unique value to the industry. It’s bigger and more important than simply marketing. It’s a journey that begins by fundamentally describing who you are and concludes by changing how you sell yourself to customers.  

Our specialty is turning technical and scientific data into clear, engaging narratives. When your technical experts are brilliant but struggle to speak the language of your customers, we bridge that gap. We bring your data to life, turning complexity into clarity.   

Science-to-Story Specialists

dramatic storm clouds hover over a cereal crop dirt road and canola field

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