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Agricultural Communications and Marketing Services  

Why do clients choose Magpie?

AG communications to grow your business on. 

The Magpie Group Communications + Marketing is exclusively dedicated to supporting agribusinesses and industry non-profit clients across Canada. We use our extensive knowledge of the agriculture industry to provide clients with strategic support. 

Dedicated AG support

As a business owner, wasting time and budget with marketing companies that don’t understand your business is frustrating! You spend more time explaining the industry than getting help with marketing, and you're tired of big expenses that yield nothing in return. 


Our team is fluent in the language of AG and we understand the nuance, science and psyche behind farmers' decisions. We can help you connect authentically with your customers - no hand-holding required.  

You need communications and marketing support because you aren’t meeting your growth and profit goals. You have too much on your plate to learn about the latest marketing and comms strategies, nor do you have a budget to hire and train someone dedicated to that role. 

We offer undivided attention, no layers of account management and an expert support team without the payroll and HR headaches.  

Boutique, strategic service

Brand messaging

Lack of consistency in your brand messaging causes confusion, erodes customer trust in your business, and leaves customers questioning the integrity of your brand. Worse, it might even drive them to competitors. 

Our proprietary process starts at the beginning to clarify who you are, why you matter to customers and your unique value to the industry. It’s a journey that fundamentally defines your business at its core and creates an operational framework that focuses your goals. 

Your technical specialists are good at their job but they may not be so great at translating it for customers or your sales team. You need someone to distill the science behind your products and services into easily understandable language.  

Our specialty is turning technical and scientific data into clear, engaging narratives. We bring data to life, creating clarity from complexity.

Science-to-Story Specialists

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Let's talk!

Let's grab a coffee and discuss your challenges, opportunities and the big dreams you have for your business. Even if you're uncertain about what you need or if your budget will work, a conversation is where everything begins. 

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