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We're a Saskatchewan-based marketing firm empowering agriculture.

Discover our communications and marketing services tailored for Canadian agribusinesses and non-profits. 

Close up of golden yellow Canola flowers
Close up of cereal grains being unloaded into a bin

Running a business

without communications and marketing is like trying to farm in a drought. You won’t grow, your margins will suffer and you’ll never reach your full potential.

(Who wants that?)

Communication and marketing,

when done well, can motivate your team, grab your customers’ attention, and enhance productivity and profit.

(Got your attention now, don't we?)

Close up of a black and white dairy cow looking down on camera
Panorama of cereal fields with grain elevators in the background

Growing agriculture
brands is our business

and we're darn good at it!

is a boutique communications firm focused on supporting the Canadian AG sector.  We use a powerful blend of persuasive language, creative perspective and strategic solutions so you can take on the competition with purpose, clarity and intention.

Whether you're an up and coming start up, pioneering a new product, or leading an industry association, we'll help you create success.


The Magpie Group

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Our services

include all the creative, marketing and technical support you need to thrive. And even though we deliver customized solutions, we’ll work within your budget to make sure you don’t break the bank.

Communications Auditing


& Execution





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