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What do you do best?

Are you struggling to find the words to sell your business, products or brand?

Does your customer understand what you do?

Does your team?

Do you?

What we do best1

We are an agricultural marketing service offering customized marketing strategy, content creation, creative direction and technical writing services to support Canadian food and farming across the value chain. 

Brand Messaging

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Content Creation

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Marketing Strategy

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Technical Writing

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Magpie is transforming the way our clients communicate.

Our mission is to articulate your brand, product or service and give you a competitive advantage for increased growth and profits. We offer marketing content and strategy built on persuasive language, creative perspective and integrated sales tools to help you meet your goals.

Magpies are tenacious, inquisitive, highly intelligent and, some might say, misunderstood.


So it was that two tenacious, inquisitive, intelligent and sometimes misunderstood old birds recognized their like-mindedness and decided to work together.

One day a baby bird flew by searching for a new nest and joined the flock.

The rest, as they say, is history.



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