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About Us

Trusted support

The Magpie Group is a women-led team of strategic professionals dedicated to improving the communications and marketing of agribusinesses and industry non-profit clients across Canada.

Jean Clavelle Director

Jean Clavelle,


Director of Business Strategy, Founder

Jean has a background in agribusiness and communicating with technical audiences. Today she applies that knowledge in problem-solving, creating clarity in messaging and strategic planning to support agriculture-based businesses in achieving their goals.

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Kim Kennett,  

Communications Director, Founder

Kim worked as a manager in the not-for-profit sector. Her contributions to the Magpie team - and our clients - include extensive communications experience, writing/editing skills, and a well-versed understanding of educational practices. 

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Picture of Kim Kennett Found and Partner
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Is this you? 

Join our team!

We are a family-minded collective of Saskatoon-based communications professionals who want to grow our community. Our positions are contract roles, allowing maximum flexibility for you to pick up as many or as few jobs as you want. We are looking to partner with creative, business-minded professionals who uphold our philosophy. 


Our team is made up of a suite of talented collaborators who specialize in agriculture-based marketing services that includes​ graphic design, photography, videography,  social media management, website content and design, writing and editing and more!

We get asked a lot: Why Magpie?

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Magpies are memorable. They’re beautiful, intelligent and persistent. And while we will admit they’re a tad annoying, they’re also exceptional communicators.

Communication is the key to success in every area of business. Period.


That's why our mission is to advance the Canadian agriculture industry by supporting businesses and non-profits with powerful communication and marketing solutions. And our vision? It’s bold. We want to change the way the agriculture industry communicates.

Our journey began in 2017 when Kim and Jean bridged their storytelling ability and scientific passion during a collaborative venture with Agriculture in the Classroom's snapAG project. Our previous experience found that AG businesses didn't have enough access to communications and marketing support that truly understood the industry. We decided to use our skills and partnership to fill that void. 

Today, our small but mighty team is deeply passionate about helping clients succeed through better communications and marketing.

Ready to get started? 

Our Story

Core beliefs

Operate with integrity

Our purpose extends beyond our own interests – we exist to create a positive impact on our industry, clients and community

Do good work

Excellence is the standard. We work to deliver exceptional value to our clients, every time and for every project. 

Focus on teamwork

Collaboration is the heartbeat of our culture. Together, we're stronger, smarter and more innovative.

Prioritize relationships

Strong relationships create success. Connections strengthen our industry, our business and ourselves as individuals.  

Emphasize growth

We're committed to growth, not only within our organization but also for our clients and the entire industry.

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