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Communications Auditing

This is a comprehensive review of your organization's current communications efforts. We assess the way your team interacts with each other, your customers and the world to identify areas for improvement.

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Core Messaging & Brand Identity

Based on an extensive analysis of your business (operations, culture, customers, marketplace, philosophy and more), we craft messaging that captures the most powerful truths about your brand. The outcome is a meaningful and authentic story you can use to improve the sales process, align your team and generate margin.

Strategy & Execution

We develop cohesive and integrated communications and marketing strategies. With operational success in mind, the strategies are designed to reach your core audience across multiple platforms and make it easier for your customers to choose you.


Science Communication

Magpie specializes in technical writing services, including science communications, consumer translations, product and technical spec sheets, articles and reports. We understand science and research and are adept at communicating about science-based topics, reviewing and analyzing scientific publications and developing messaging for a farming audience.

Writing & Design

Content is the cornerstone of effective communications. It commands your customers’ attention, enhances trust and keeps them coming back for more. From brochures, newsletters and advertisements to websites and social media content, we offer a wide range of copywriting services.

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