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Communications Auditing

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Forget everything you know about marketing. We review your organization's communications efforts to see which messages, platforms and tactics are working for you - and which are not. Then we’ll show you how to create the impact you’ve been dreaming about. 

We make you look good.

Magpie is a boutique communications firm that offers personalized service to provide AG businesses and non-profits with all the creative, marketing and technical writing services you need to shine. And even though every contract is tailored to each client's unique needs, we’ll work with you to keep your budget on track.

Core Messaging 

The CORE of EVERY successful brand. We'll improve your business language, mission, vision, values, tone of voice and unique value proposition. Then give you 10–20 pages of gold that clearly defines your company’s products, services and culture and makes it easier to sell YOUR brand.  

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Communication & Marketing Strategy 

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Use us for our knowledge. And our experience. From marketing plans and seasonal campaigns to inspiration on an ad hoc basis, we brainstorm the most effective ways to reach your audience, everywhere they can be reached. Then we reach them for you (or support your team with a shoulder to cry on.) 

Writing & Design

A picture’s worth a thousand words, and the right words are worth a thousand pictures. We find the ones that work for you, then throw a halter on them and harness that horsepower in brochures, newsletters, advertisements, websites and social media content that out run the competition. You name it, we’ve ridden - I mean written - it.  

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Science Communication

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Our technical writing services bridge the gap between your team’s expertise and your customer’s. We take confusing, complex jargon and turn it into clear, concise language that speaks directly to your audience.  

We’ll detail how your product offers a proven solution to your customer’s problems with a fact-packed punch that won’t put them to sleep. Say goodbye to boring and impersonal research studies, and hello to engaging and usable content that your customers will actually want to read.  

Brand Identity

From the Deere to the Apple to the Swoosh, every great brand has a presence.  

We'll capture your uniqueness and develop a complete suite of brand materials (logo, colour palette, fonts, templates) and brand standards guidelines to ensure every email, newsletter, tweet and product guide are great too. 

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Have something else in mind?

Need a service that isn't on this list? Chances are we do that too! If not we'll put you in touch with the professionals who can.

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