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Get to know the Magpies: Meet our Founder, Kim Kennett

Updated: Jun 2

Meet Kim Kennett, our Communications Director and one of the founders of The Magpie Group! Kim believes that effective communication is all about building trust through storytelling. Learn more about her journey and passion for connecting with others.

Kim Kennett, holding her cat Bobo
Kim Kennett, Co-Founder of The Magpie Group

Meet our Founder, Kim Kennett,

Communications Director at The Magpie Group

Hi, I’m Kim, one of the founders of The Magpie Group and our Communications Director. In bird years, I’m probably one of the oldest magpies on the planet, but that also comes with the richness that long life brings.

I grew up on a mixed farm near Wawota SK in the southeast corner of the province and, upon graduating, attended the University of Saskatchewan where I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Home Economics and later a Masters in Continuing (Adult) Education.

Although I never thought it possible (because I was always on to “bigger” and “better” things), farming and agriculture have shaped and guided my career. It wasn’t until I was actually working in an ag-related field, that I realized how important rural Saskatchewan was to me – and how much it has made me who I am. Like many rural kids, 4-H was so much a part of my life growing up and I was lucky to start my journey in AG with them. Even with the turns and twists that a long career brings, I always seemed to return to agriculture in some shape or form.

Writing was one of my biggest passions – whether it was travel blogging, writing 4-H project materials or developing the snapAG sheets for Agriculture in the Classroom. In fact, snapAG was where Jean and I began collaborating and how Magpie was born. Seven years and a couple of evolutions later and snapAG is still near and dear to our hearts.

To me, writing is all about relating to other people and being able to connect with them through words. Sharing just one story can generate SO much common ground with other people. Stories demonstrate that we’re all human, have similar experiences and have learned some valuable lessons to pass on to others. They can make us laugh, cry, nod our heads in agreement, and encourage us to take new paths, which are made less scary because someone else did and it worked out just fine.

Communication isn’t about impressing your audience with flowery words or language only someone with a PhD can understand. It’s about connecting, finding things you have in common and building trust. That’s where storytelling is so effective. In every story, there’s always something someone else can identify with that can create bridges of understanding. - Kim Kennett

I enjoy nothing more than fine tuning an article, writing an opinion piece, or tackling the challenge of turning 500 words into 200 to meet a word limit. And now, with two much younger Magpies in tow, I’ve never stayed in only one lane. Growing any company is a lot like farming because you’re always trying new approaches and applying new products to achieve better results.

One of the best parts of Magpie is the opportunity to work with other like-minded women. We support each other, challenge each other and sometimes just downright disagree (but always figure it out). That’s what teamwork is and the collaboration is key to our success. We’ve also learned a lot from working together. And sometimes that learning comes through making mistakes and readjusting how we do things. It’s just part of the gig.

I’m so excited about what the future brings for Magpie – new clients, new projects and new opportunities – and our ability to have an impact on agriculture in Canada. The road ahead is unknown, but the possibilities are limitless.

Kim Kennett lives in Saskatoon with her partner, Marcus Davies, and her rascally orange cat, Bobo. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, traveling and spending time with family.

Contact Kim directly:

Phone: 306-381-3272

LinkedIn: Kim Kennett


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